1986-1993 Mustang Mustang Engine Bay Add-On Kit (Plain Aluminum Washers)


These hardware kits feature stainless steel bolts and CNC machined aluminum washers to take the place of the factory bolts in the engine bay that are visible when the hood is open. This specific kit features M6 and M8 bolts with plain aluminum washers and is an add-on to our fender bolt hardware kits. Black washer kit shown displays kit contents. 


This kit includes:

-14 Stainless Steel Flat Head Bolts

-14 CNC Machined Aluminum Washers


Bolt Locations covered in this kit: 

-Radiator Hold Down (2)

-Hood Hinge to Firewall (4) Note: Aftermarkets hoods may require a different bolt than the stock hood

-Hood Hinge to Hood (4)

-Front Bumper "L" Brackets (4)