1986-2004 Mustang Fender Bolt Hardware Kit

1986-2004 Mustang Fender Bolt Hardware Kit

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These fender hardware kits feature stainless steel bolts and CNC machined aluminum washers to take the place of the factory bolts at the top of the fenders that are visible when the hood is open. Kits can be ordered with washers in plain aluminum or black anodized finishes and will match the factory M6 x 1.00 fender clips. 


This kit includes:

-6 Stainless Steel Flat Head Bolts

-6 CNC Machined Aluminum Washers


*Early foxes were a mismatch of bolts sizes used on the fenders so you would want to make sure you use the later aero fox fender clips to use these kits (Fender clip kits are available through the regular parts suppliers like NPD or LMR and are listed for years 1986-1993). Four eye foxes and use those fender clip kits in place of the facotry clips to use this kit.*



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