1994-2009 Mustang Factory Wing Hole Plug Kit

1994-2009 Mustang Factory Wing Hole Plug Kit

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Introducing the new hardware kit to fill the holes from the factory 1994-2009 Mustang GT wing! The kits include a machined countersunk washer and bolt along with EPDM rubber sealing washers to keep a clean look and seal off the trunk from the weather. 


Kit includes:

- (4) Machined Countersunk Washers

- (4) Hex Drive Flat Head Bolts

- (8) EPDM Rubber Sealing Washers

- (4) Nyloc Hex Nuts

- (4) Stainless Steel Flat Washers


*Smallest sealing washer in the kit has an outer diameter of 5/8" if looking to use the kit on a different vehicle than listed. Email us at cerbinatorautodesigns@gmail.com to request an order with a different quantity than listed here.*


These kits have been confirmed to fit 94-98 SN95 Mustang Factory wing holes.

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